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Winter 2023

The idea for an origins menu started in the winter of 2019. The goal was to embrace on our humble beginnings, but also to strip back our concept to it’s core & emphasize a desire to educate & show the Kansas City community the intricacies that sugarcane & agave had well before we came in.

We are enthusiasts of these spirits, far from experts. We have never harvested a matured maguey in a field in Oaxaca, we have never distilled mezcal in a clay pot with our communities, nor have we crushed sugarcane in excruciating heat in Jamaica. We want this menu to honor the hard work of those who have done these things & to show how integral they are to what makes each one of these drinks special.

As we embark on this journey together, get to know these classics that are in front of you. They may not be our recipes, but they are executed with precision & care. They are also the foundation of thousands of recipes that have emerged in the last twenty years & beyond. We look forward to the future, but for now?

Let’s take it back to the classics.